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JODO GAME與世界一起游戲 JODO is a company which specializes in developing and publishing games targeted the global market, dedicating to providing players with excellent games and better gaming experience.

With the core of tech-driven and dozens of successful publishing cases, now Jodo is one of the Tier-1 global mobile game publishers in China.

With the heart of excellence, to achieve the touching things. In September 2013, JODO was established in Suishi village, University town. Over the past five years, JODO grew from first three young people with dreams, to 160 people who strive together later. The initial heart of making great games of JODO has never changed.JODO STORY

BOSS brings you into the story behind the JODO...

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Are you looking for a job?

JODO has been waiting for you.Come and join us,be a better self.

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