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Train Plan

New training campThe player's first step is to train your mentor, new stage, your answers, professional training and new skills in your work. New training camp, learning general knowledge, understanding company history, corporate culture and other contents, will also organize outdoor development to help quickly integrate into new environment.
Competence trainIntegrate into the work and organize small class training according to the direction of development. Promotion of courses, series of training, promotion of professional skills at the same time, the core competitiveness, inviting the company and the industry in all fields of cattle to bring the trade frontier technology exchanges, broaden the vision of thinking.
Ability trainNow in the rapid development stage, we attach great importance to the training of management team, the two levels of grass-roots and middle level management cadres, the needs of management, and the organization of related management courses and communication and communication. Cultivating excellent management talents with potential.
Job RotationEmployees can learn more knowledge, grow rapidly into compound talents, find interest in their favorite jobs and do what they are best at. Considering employees' personal career development expectations, the internal related system makes reasonable job shift for employees to ensure that people perform their best and match their posts.
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