Hey hospital

《Hey hospital》 Super Hospital is a brand-new hospital sim game which is self-developed by JODO in 2018. It has Tier-1 3D graphics,easy and entertaining gameplay. There are 30+ doctors with different styles and 50 kinds of various patients.

Your uncle is a kind doctor who runs a famous hospital, he lovingly takes care of each patient. Thanks to his support, you are able to establish a brand new hospital now! Seize the chance!

Customize and design unique hospitalHere are plenty kinds of rooms with different functions to treat various patients. As the owner, you should arrange everything wisely to win at the beginning.

Build a professional medical teamYou major job is to hire and get along with suitable teammates, no matter lovely receptionists, tender nurses and professional doctors. Upgrade their skills to make your team more effective.

Meet crazy patients and treat them in time100+ kinds of funny patients are all your guests, some will destroy facilities for waiting too long, others will pee anywhere for your toilet are full. Or even worse, they will die at the hallway.

Claim great rewards and grow every secondAny success will be rewarded here.Once you cure a patient, reach an achievement or complete any goal, those amazing rewards will be released, which can help your hospital to be greater.

Don't forget your friendsLogin with your Facebook and start your career with friends will give you more fun. You can visit their hospitals, compete with them and exchage medical resources. The funniest thing is to play together.

* Super Hospital is free to download and play, but you can choose to purchase in-game products for better game experience.


Your uncle is a kind doctor who runs a famous hospital...

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